We show you how to live a fulfilled life and reap the benefits of your efforts in music, guaranteed.

LearnMBE is an international educational community holding space for artists dedicated to monetizing their music more effectively.

We focus on three areas.


We give artists the mandatory tools to win independently.


We educate artists on the necessary steps to protect their art.


We give artists a proven process to maximize their earnings.

Learn how to:

Establish a record or production label, including starting a publishing company and signing artists.
Protect your brand in the marketplace, including trademark and copyright methods to save money.
Release music properly with paperwork and know which distributors to use.
Code and register your music, including using collection societies to your advantage.
Collect multiple revenue streams and advance in today's music industry.

Our Principles:

The Numbers Game

The music industry's currency is traction. Having a strategic approach to generating traction is key.

The Catch-all

Having an organized way to collect traction for monetization is essential to having a successful music career.

Paperwork & Power

Paperwork makes it major work. Having a document in place that allows our catch-all to collect on our behalf is a requirement.

Make Me A Pro

Music pays. Writing and performing music are guaranteed ways to generate royalties.

Publishing & Plays

Protecting our publishing share can help us make a hot song a hit song.

Money In The Music Marketplace

Making money in our industry a priority for your catchall is a necessity and helps to fulfill your catchall's purpose.

Traction & Action

Trackable content is the key to unlocking ready-made royalty payouts.

For The Record

Protecting our musical works is essential to receive the full benefits of ownership.

Coded & Loaded

In order to receive royalties, coding our content is one of the primary steps.

Contribute To Distribute

Delivering our music to its intended audience fulfills the reason our music was created.

Artist Seen & Music Heard

Generating multiple forms of traction is what makes winning possible.

Music In The Marketplace

Raising the public’s awareness of our music will increase our potential earnings.

Learn how to make your music count more.

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What is LearnMBE?

We asked some of our members and here's what they said...

"LearnMBE is a game changer, teaching artists the same tools that labels are using to create growth and giving them the support to reach their dreams."

- Avatari

"LearnMBE is FAMILY! ❤️ Wandering around this music game can feel like a pretty lonely place but meeting the peeps from LearnMBE has totally changed my whole experience!" 

Calista Kazuko

"LearnMBE is a Music Business Think Tank."

- Cary Miller

"LearnMBE is a 4 year music business degree in 12 weeks and a family of like-minded, talented stars that form a constellation, illuminating the world in ways unprecedented with impact that spans generations."

- Chaos Network

"LearnMBE is a hands-on community-building mentorship and networking group showing artist how to live and thrive off of their art."

Devin Washington

"LearningMBE to me is like finding the truth after it has been illusive for so many years. LearningMBE to me is like finding the holy grail of music."

- Enrico Campbell

"LearnMBE to me is Love. Guidance with genuine intentions to help inform & mold artists into their Best self. It puts you up on game to monetize your creativity.

- GrownKidd

"LearnMBE is the missing link to the music industry. If you are an artist or plan on owning a label, it’s vital to your success."

- J-Cool

"LearnMBE is exactly what I was looking for when it came to leveling-up my music career."

- Jared Lindbloom

"LearnMBE is your direct access to music business knowledge applied for the benefit of independent artists."

John Hunter

"LearnMBE is a Godsend! It’s crucial for success as an indie artist!"

- Kandice Cherelle

"LearnMBE is essentially a playbook for artists who dare to move from hobbyists to professionals by taking on the final dimension of their craft: the actual business of music."

Kate Lamont

"LearnMBE is life changing. LearnMBE is empowerment."

- Lil. J. Bone

"LearnMBE is a real-time guide for navigating these murky waters called the music industry." 

Nate Johnson

"LearnMBE is uplifting in an underwater world."

sir benjamin JC

"LearnMBE is self sufficiency and higher education to help navigate in the music industry."

- Soncier

"LearnMBE is a family of forward thinking music professionals focused on the goal of self determination, collaboration, and synergy."

- SoReally Ray

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