We're here to assist artists.

As a veteran of Music Row, I learned how the music industry operates at its core.  I believe artists are the center of the music industry.  The machine could care less.  The machine is just a machine.  Which means, you can use the machine in your favor.  In fact, that's how the machine is meant to be used.  I started LearnMBE to assist artists with learning how to use the machine in their favor.

My name is Sidney Eugene and here's a little about me:

🎤 Signed at 6 years old

🎶 Employed by Warner Bros. Records at 16 years old

✍🏽 Facilitated first deal at 19 years old for $52M

🎹 Produced the syncopated strings reference for Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights”

🏆 More than 40 years in the music business, including tenure at Warner, UMG & Sony/RED

🎓 Music Business Mentor at LearnMBE.com

💰 Helps artists and labels make money from music

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Here's a brief video review from one of the artists that I've had the pleasure of helping, Lucie Lynch of Lucie & The Perfect Wave.


"Sidney is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the music industry. He helped me plan my first tour to promote my EP and mentored me through my second tour and LP. Not only is Sidney magnificent guidance, but he is also now a trusted friend. You won't find a heart more genuine or a mind as sharp as Sidney's." - Dannica Lowery

"The service I received from Sidney was nothing short of genius! He will set you up in a way, so that you, as an independent artist, will be in the same game as every other big league rockstar on the market." - Wendell Ray Raney, III

"Sidney was there to immediately start good relations within my personal community.  He also brought with him an extended community that you cannot reach anywhere else." - Ras Adam Quellhorst, Member of Roots of a Rebellion

"Thanks to Sidney, my career has progressed so much further than I ever dreamed!" - Brandon Bailey

"I worked many years doing my music the wrong way and not getting ahead.  With Sidney I have been able to start building a solid foundation for myself, as an artist, due to his knowledge and experience." - Darin Rex

"When I first met Sid, two words immediately came to mind - pure professional.  His talent and dedication to his craft will allow him to achieve any goal that he sets his mind to in the entertainment industry." - Deron Tucker, Esquire

"From the moment we were introduced, I knew that Sidney had that something special and that he would be successful no matter what part of the industry he chose to pursue." - Neal Spielberg, Former Vice President of Sales, Warner Bros. Records

“Sidney equals effort.  Sidney gives 110% maximum effort in making calculated executive decisions to help others succeed.” - Richard Goodloe, Managing/Operating Partner, KNJM